Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bon Jour Part Deux!!

For our second day in Paris the morning should have included an included tour of a perfume factory. However Nick and I REALLY wanted to see the Louvre museum, and we had heard that the lines and the amount of people would be huge. So, we decided to forgo the (supper fun) perfume factory and head straight to the Louvre (pronounced loov-ra, by the locals..)! We got there before it opened and the line was a bit long but once the museum opened their doors it when VERY fast and we went right in.

Our first stop (as was everyone else’s) was for the Mona Lisa. Surveying the amount of people that entered the Louvre (and the many more still waiting outside to get in) we wanted to check this off our list and move on to the more interesting things! I grabbed a map (I love me a MAP!) and found out where the Mona Lisa was while Nick bought tickets! We met in the forey under the giant weird glass pyramid in the middle of the courtyard (still can’t figure that one out!) and made a bee line to the most famous woman in the world!
THE Mona Lisa
She’s really not all that exciting… I’m not really sure why she’s so popular? She’s in a maze of rooms on a wall with about 15 other paints. Those poor other paintings; nobody comes to see them nor do they stay to see them. Most tour groups stop at her and about 10 others and leave. It’s very sad.

So, now we’ve seen it! Let’s move on!

Our next stop was Venus de Milo. She was found in Greece around 1820 and is believed to have been carved between 130 and 100 BC and depicts Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love and beauty. When she was found she had no arms and was in two pieces; the upper torso and lower draped legs. She is held together by metal rods. She’s a beautiful sculpture. But again not sure what makes her so much more famous than the thousands of other beautiful sculptures?

Venus de Milo

After these two famous women we wondered around. Our tour guide the morning before told us that it would take you 4 months to see every piece of art in the Louvre; and I believe him! There is A LOT to see; almost too much. But here are a few of our favorites or at least the ones worth showing/mentioning…

The Louvre itself is quite beautiful and interesting.

It was originally built in the 12th century as a fortress by Phillip II. In 1672 King Louis XIV left the palace and built a new one now known as the Palace of Versailles, leaving the Louvre to display the royal collection.

It has been added onto by almost every French monarch that has resided there since. It is currently has 652,000 square feet devoted to the permanent collection, contains 380,000 objects and displays 35,000 works of art in eight curatorial departments: Egyptian Antiquities; Near Eastern Antiquities; Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities; Islamic Art; Sculpture; Decorative Arts; Paintings; Prints and Drawings. The museum averages 15,000 visitors per day! At 9.50 euros, you do the math!!!

Who needs a tour guide!!!

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