Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moulin Rouge

Nick and I decided to do a big splurge and actually go on one of the optional excursions that the tour company provided. We had dinner and a show at the Moulin Rouge!! Under normal circumstances there would be NO WAY I would pay 140 euros EACH for dinner (in a completely crowded dinning area) and a show (the girls are topless!!). But, when in (Rome) Paris!

The Moulin Rouge, which translated means the “Red Mill” is located in a rather shaddy part of town in the red light district of Paris. It was built in 1889 and is the founder of the can-can dance.

You are not allowed to take photos inside (for obvious reasons –echum half naked girls!). So that was a bummer! The food was pretty good and show was kinda cool too. They sang and danced and thank goodness it was all in English. In between wardrobe changes they had little acts, like a juggler, ventriloquist, and a lady that swam with snakes. I can’t make these things up people!

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