Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On the road again....

The next day we were headed to Rome. Originally when we booked this particular tour it was because our journey from Paris to Rome was on an overnight train. Two weeks before we left on our trip (when all balances were paid –sneaky little so-and-sos) I got an email saying that the train was canceled and instead we would be flying to Rome and have an extra day there! Our flight was to leave Paris at 11:05am. We left for the airport around 8:45am and while standing in line to get through security we were informed that the flight was delayed about 1 ½ - 2 hours! So they told us to go get something to eat and hang out (in that airport there are no restaurants past security. If you want something to eat do before going through security!) Nick and I headed to a cafĂ© for a beverage and while Nick was in line the security guy came by and said that the flight was going to be on time and start going through security! YEAH!!!

Nick and I headed to security, got our luggage checked in, received our boarding pass that said our gate was 10! YEAH! We might just be in Rome by 1pm and get a little bit of sightseeing in! Past security we attempted to find gate 10. But wait… all the gates had letters behind this glorious number 10 that would lead us to Rome and out of the hell of Paris!

Long boring story short the flight from Paris to Rome was DELAYED!! FOUR!!! HOURS!!!! They claim it was due to an air traffic controllers strike! WHATEVER!!!

We finally arrive in Rome, everyone (30 people in our tour group) got their luggage and we head to the bus. Of course we are not all staying at the same hotel –why make it easy?! And to make it worse there was an optional excursion for that night. Dinner, wine, and music for the low low price of 46 euros per person!!! (Eye-roll please!) So, half the bus still wanted to do the dinner (crazy people!). We had to stop at the restaurant to drop of the crazies, and then to the first hotel (ours was second of course!), and FINALLY we made it to our final destination at 10 PM!!!!!!

On the plus side, the room was huge compared to the last two we stayed in, had air conditioning and a KING sized bed, and a refrigerator!!!!! SCORE! We got our luggage to our room, headed back down stairs and asked the front desk for the closest restaurant that was still open. (I had my map of course!)

The concierge directed us across the street to Ciro, Ciro. Nick and I both ordered a pizza and it quickly became not only Nick’s favorite restaurant in the whole world but his favorite country too! Not only does Rome have a pizzeria on every corner but also a gelateria (Italy's own ice cream shops)! I think Nick has found heaven on Earth!

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