Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pretty in Pink & Grey!!

This weekend was the shower for Leia and it was

In absolutely every way possible!
The decorations and food...
Oh my GOSH! The food was VERY yummy!!  Chicken salad sandwiches, orzo salad, strawberry salad, veggies, fruit, and Sprinkles cupcakes!! Delish!

The games..
Usually I HATE shower games! Like HATE them! Mostly because they are lame or hard for people that don't have kids and since I've been to about a Billion baby showers I've pretty much played them all. I didn't want anyone to feel excluded so at first I didn't want to play games at all.
But my awesome hostesses found some new games (and a couple old games) and it was a great time!

We had to play the belly/string game... Basically you try to guess how big around the momma-to-be's belly is. It's usually pretty funny to see just how LARGE some guests think you are. Josalyn won this game! She was within millimeters! I'm not sure I've seen anyone get that close before!

And holy cow did this little girl get S.P.O.I.L.E.D!!!

Beautiful handmade gifts!!

Even my sister Carrie got in on the handmade craftiness!
I <3 handmade gifts!

And even beautiful store bought gifts!!

All I can say is HOLY FREAKIN' COW!!!

Her crib was FULL of clothes and awesome blankets! She will NEVER be cold!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone!!!!
We are so loved!!!!

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