Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To Veil or not to Veil?

When trying on my dress someone asked me “Is this the dress you’ve always dreamed about?” Looking back on all my fairy tale daydreams about this day I never stopped to look at what I was wearing! The dreams were always about location, the guests, my dad walking me down the aisle, walking toward the love of my life (usually a faceless man until NOW!), my friends standing next to me crying, but I never looked in a mirror. (Shame on me!) So I have no idea what the dress of my dreams looks like and in that respect if I’m wearing a veil or not?! Luckily I found my dress (here) but now came the question of a veil. At my dress fitting with my bridesmaids in tow the discussion of a veil came up. They asked if I’d picked out a veil yet. I say, “I’m not sure if I’m gonna wear one.” Skrrrreeech! Record stopped, crickets chirping in the back ground, all eyes on me. Wide eyed and dropped jaw, they all say, “You HAVE to wear a veil!” Ok then. Veil it is. (seriously should have seen the looks are their faces! Priceless)

So, now the hunt for a veil begins. At the bridal shop I think they brought me every veil they had to offer. Again Godilocks…

too short

too long

too… yeah.
**ok, so this one wasn't at David's Bridal. But I had to put it in there cuz it makes me laugh!**

Found one! It works with my frame, compliments the dress and is pretty too. But wait!!!
** Record scratching, music stops!**
What did that price tag just say?! $149!!! NO FREAKIN WAY!!! It’s a piece of tulle wrapped around a plastic hair comb with beads sewn on the edge! Are you freakin’ kidding me?! Frugal Jayme has just had a heart attack!! We need a crash cart STAT!!

I tried looking at other bridal shops for veils that might be cheaper and comparable to the look but still they were all over $100! I tried friend’s veils for my favorite price of free (and my something borrowed). No go; not the right look. I’ve even tried my good old friend Craig (; but still no luck. Luckily DIY Jayme is too the rescue. I’ve decided, "I can totally make that!" And for way cheaper than $149!!! So my DIY veil project will be starting soon. I’ll keep you updated on the outcome! Wish me luck!

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