Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bon Jour!

Greetings from Paris!! We made it into Paris yesterday and we walked around a little bit. We didn’t find anything exciting and in fact got a little lost.

Today, we took a sightseeing tour and ended at the Eiffel Tower. It was GIANORMOUS! I didn’t think it would be that large! Amazing that it was built in less than two years.


Eiffel Tower

Nick and I were on our own the rest of the day. So we found…

Arc de Triomphe

This too was larger than I thought it would be. It also had amazing carvings on it.

Notre Dame Cathedral

This was huge too and had cool carvings on it. We took a tour of the crypts that were under the square in front of the cathedral. It was hot under there and smelled weird and musky. The cathedral itself was amazing! The carvings were extensive and remarkable. Each carving was different and individual from the other.

The Pantheon

Trying to find The Pantheon was more difficult than we thought. It was hidden behind a large ugly building. We finally found it! When we turned the corner it was there like a large roman beacon! I would have loved to go inside but we were tired, soar, and sweaty! It was quite fantastic!

Nick and I have decided that we don’t like Paris very much. The sites and the history are awesome but the city itself sucks! The Metro is entirely too difficult to find. And everything here smells HORRIBLE!!! Right now it’s also hot, and humid. So walking around is miserable!!! And Nick is not a fan of the food; I don’t mind it.

Tomorrow we have planned to go to the Louvre!! Can’t wait to see all the art and history!

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  1. Miss you and love the updates!! Glad you guys are having fun. Come home SOON!!!!!!!!!