Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Hunt is ON!

It is official: I have become obsessed with finding the PERFECT shoe!

Since choosing the bridesmaids dresses was a snap, I figured, “how hard could this be?” After all, I love shoes! Since I went with a black dress with fuchsia trim I wanted fuchsia shoes. And heels were a must!! Now, for heel height this was tricky. Between my bridesmaids I have a tomboy, klutz, bad ankles, and height working against me. I also had a concern of the perfect shade of fuchsia. In my search I found that not all fuchsia is created equal!

Now really is that fuchsia?! NO!

First I found these lovelies…

.. but alsa Nine West no longer makes them. **sigh** Next came these..

and these…

Again both are no longer available ANYWHERE! Believe me I looked and looked! The thought of dyables entered my mind but they remind me on 8th grade graduation. Also, dyables take 5 weeks to get the shoe and in and NO ONE actually carries the shoe in stores. Basically you order from a catalog submit a color swatch for matching and 5 weeks later hope that the shoe fits and doesn’t pitch your little toe off! So, that idea was definitely OUT.

Then I found Zappos!! If you haven’t heard or found this website than you should check it out immediately! They have latterly thousands of shoes, free delivery, items are shipped and at your door in 7-10 days and if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit their return policy is totally easy too! Just let them know you want to return something and send it back free of charge!! SCORE!

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