Monday, April 26, 2010


Other than my shoe obsession (here, here, & here) I have to admit I have a problem.
“Hello everyone, my name is Jayme and I’m an addict.”

I am addicted to wedding websites!!
My drug of choice is:

I can and do spend hours on this website. I read other bride’s blogs and find fun and new DIY projects to attempt. Reading other bride’s blogs has become very therapeutic. Just knowing that other brides have and are going through the same thing is comforting. Their funny names (for the sake of privacy) are entertaining in themselves. I find at times that I HAVE to know how Miss Button’s and Miss Frozen Yogurt’s last DIY project went and what dresses they chose.
Also knowing that they too are going through the same things and some even worse than me helps me keep things in perspective. Like the other day Miss Sewing’s future husband (who is sewing her wedding dress for her) spilled RED soda on her gown!!!! Luckily he did get the stain out (he truly was touched by an angel)!

My other favorites are and These two are more pictures and visual than Wedding Bee. But just seeing all the beautiful decorations, dresses, and photos makes me want to plan this wedding all over again (Frugal Jayme just threw up in her mouth a little bit). I’ve seen some pretty wild themes on there and most I am not daring enough to ever try!

** Carrie -this has you written ALL over it!!!** =D kisses!!

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