Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bridesmaid dresses

Having been a bridesmaid 4 times over I know the anxiety of waiting for the bride to decide the fate of her bridesmaids and their attire. Also, finding one single dress that is flattering for all girls is about impossible and NEVER happens. I wanted my bridesmaids to fell comfortable and ultimately love (or at least like) the dress they were going to wear the day I walked toward the love of my life.

So, this bride decided to find a designer that I liked and let the girls would pick their own style! Yeah! The only stipulation I had was that they had to be the same colors. As much as I would LOVE to wear a fuchsia dress I know that a few of my bridesmaids probably would not love it. (although they would do it for me =D). I decided to go with black dresses with fuchsia trim/accents. Besides who doesn’t look good in black?!

So the search began!

Aren’t they beautiful?! but a little pricey. Didn’t want my maids to have to spend a fortune on a dress they may or may not wear again. So I found these lovelies from Alfred Angelo…

The girls and I met at bridal shop and they started picking and trying on tons of dresses. There was some heart break for dresses that did not come in the colors we needed and there was some joy in finding a dress that was flattering and pretty. So here are a few chosen by the girls! Good choices I think! Can’t wait for them to come in and see them on the girls!

***note –every time I see a fuchsia dress in a magazine I wish I would have gone with fuchsia instead of black. **sigh** But, too late now, money has been spent, dresses have been ordered, and there’s no going back! –Oh well, maybe next time! =D

Seriously!? How cute is that?!

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