Monday, April 26, 2010

Words of Wisdom

As the wedding gets closer I’ve tried limiting my daily dose of wedding blogs and websites. Every time I’m on one I see something I should have done or WANT to do. But the truth is I simply don’t have time for any new projects or the money to change anything that I’ve chosen. I know in the end that I don’t regret anything that I’ve chosen for this wedding. It won't be a princess wedding at the Plaza for sure but it will be beautiful and prefect for me.

I did however find two little bits of wonderful advise that really have helped throughout this whole process.

-No cares as much as I do.
-The details DO matter.

These little words of wisdom have become my mantra and balance. Realizing that all the people I love in my life that want me to be happy and have MY perfect day, in the end don’t care as much as I do! Knowing this has actually helped me to let some things go.

Knowing that the details DO matter has helped with my internal battle of spending money for the sake of pretty. And has helped with a new look at life in general. Yes flowers will die and no one would miss or even know if they weren’t there and candles were on the tables instead. But I would know. I WANT the flowers. They are beautiful and elegant and it will make me happy.

There is something about the details that makes things all worth it. My favorite flower in full bloom, a beautifully wrapped gift (no matter what’s in side), a hug from a loved on for no reason at all, a simple ribbon added to the save-the-dates, a wedding blog. People did notice the ribbon added to the save-the-dates, and a couple people commented on them too. And much to my amazement people are reading this blog.

I want our wedding to be filled with details. Not just aesthetic but emotional. Life is all about the details and moments that take our breath away. My hope for this wedding is not just a celebration of a marriage but a chance for everyone to appreciate the details in life all around them.

I have this wonderful journey of wedding planning to thank for taking a moment to appreciate the details and little things in life. In THIS moment; for we’ll never get it back again.

The beautiful sky on a clear blue day. A sleeping toddler. My dog snoring. Nick holding my hand in the car. And creating beautiful details just for the sake of pretty.

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