Saturday, May 15, 2010

All You Need Is LOVE

Today is THE day!!! Nick and I are getting married!! People keep telling me to relax and to breathe. But honestly I’m not nervous at all. Ok wait. Let me partially take that back. I am nervous for everything to come together the way I’ve envisioned it for the past 7 months (23 years!). All the planning and crafting and decision making as finally come to an end. (A little sad) But no matter what else happens as long as Nick is standing at the other end of the aisle than I’m good!

I’m not nervous about getting married because I know I’m doing the right thing and that Nick is the guy for me! Even through all my craziness (and believe me I’ve been a little crazy!) he’s stuck with me! He’s calmed me down, when I got stressed out that it won’t get done in time. He’s been my rock, knowing I can count on him to do something. It may not get done exactly the way I wanted, or in the time frame I wanted, but eventually it will get done! He’s had my back, when my shoe broke and he wanted to call up the company to complain and get me a new shoe. Bless his heart. (The shoe story will have to wait for the recap) And, he’s brought me down to reality when I wanted to take dance lessons 3 weeks before the wedding. With finals for me, Landon in town, and both of us working full time there was no way that was going to get done. (So, now you will all have to suffer through our first dance 8th grade style! Bear hug anyone?!)

So I will breathe and relax and probably cry like a baby when I finally get to marry the man of my dreams!!
Happy Wedding Day everyone!!!

See you all at the wedding!!! –I’ll be the one in white! Come find me!

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