Sunday, May 23, 2010

London Day 2

On Saturday we had our sightseeing tour and decided to also take a tour of the Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral. The Tower of London is not what I thought it would be. I thought it would be smaller and have more exhibits about the prisoner and torture that went on there. Seeing the crown jewels was cool. They were a lot larger than I expected. The Tower was originally a castle for a king and later storage. So even thought during King Henry VIII rein he put traitors and anyone else that disagreed with him in the Tower of London, not much else happened there. I was pretty cool to see it and read all the history that did happen there.

Next stop was St Paul’s Cathedral. It was beautiful!!!! We were not allowed to take pictures inside. But believe me when I tell you it was AWESOME!!!! We climbed to the stone gallery where you can go outside and get a 360 degree view of London. It reminded me of the view from the Empire State Building.

Outside St Paul's Cathedral

(View from the Stone Gallery)

From St Paul’s we stopped by Big Ben and

Westminester Abbey.
We didn’t go inside the Abbey but the outside was again beautiful too.

The last place we headed to was Harrod’s. I was informed by Mindy that I MUST go here. So we went. It was pretty cool.

Harrod’s started as grocery store know for its service and quality goods. It burnt to the ground in early December of 1883 and still managed to get all of its Christmas orders delivered on time. Its reputation has continued since then. They rebuilt the store and now it is five stories and carries everything you could possibly think of. Sporting goods, clothes, shoes, electronics, food, you name it they sell it. I felt compelled to buy something so Nick and I bought some cupcakes. They really were yummy!!!

At this point Nick and I are almost experts in the underground system, which is London’s version of New York’s subway. Nick’s new favorite saying is “Mind the Gap”. Which is said every time the doors close or open on the underground. Silly Nick.

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