Sunday, May 23, 2010

Welcome to LONDON!!

Well, we arrived in London very tired and sweaty. The bus from the airport to the hotel took 2 hours and had no air conditioning. It was awesome! We got to the hotel room and immediately took a shower. The flight was mainly uneventful. It was VERY long!!! Two hours from Denver and another nine hours to London! GEEZ!!! Nick is not use to sitting for that long so he tossed and turned the ENTIRE flight to London!!!!

Our hotel is nice. The elevator is the smallest I’ve ever seen!! It barely fits Nick, me, and our luggage. But the sign inside says its maximum capacity is 6 people. Not sure which 6 people they are talking about; certainly not 6 English people. They sure like their beer!!

We didn’t have a sightseeing tour scheduled until the next day so we went wondering around London.

We saw...

Queen Victoria’s memorial

Buckingham Palace

Wellington Arch

Other buildings we have no idea what they are. But they look cool!

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